User Centric

The profile of your employees is changing. Cognotion’s training addresses those changes through our mobile, cloud-based solutions that combine IBM Watson technology and research in cognitive science to appeal to these user’s social and emotional capacities.  With interactive video, gamification, and 3D simulation, we create a compelling and immersive learning experience.

Skills Gap

We know it is challenging. Millions of high-liability allied health professional jobs in the United States are currently unfilled. Improving patient outcomes in an increasingly regulated market is a critical mission for healthcare institutions. Cognotion solves both of these challenges with mobile-based continuing education and certification applications for frontline healthcare workers.


Cognotion’s innovative healthcare training and test prep solutions promote an engaged and empowered workforce.  Our applications are designed for the challenges of non-traditional learners, resulting in higher pass rates for certifications, reduced liability and increases in productivity–so that you can focus on what you do best, caring for the residents and patients at your organization.

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