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Cognotion is connecting underemployed populations with a career path in the healthcare industry. With Cognotion's digital training for certification programs, healthcare organizations do not have to rely on the inefficient pipeline of allied health professionals. Our ReadyCertification products are designed to increase retention, improve productivity and to tap into a talent pool that might not have been able to afford an in-person solution. The end result are workers that care and are dedicated to improving healthcare outcomes. 

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The Talent Challenge

The preparation of effective front line health care workers such as Certified Nursing Assistants or Dental Assistants is a “perfect storm” of challenges that face educational institutions, public policy makers, and employers. We believe it is important to look at the challenge from various viewpoints – as a healthcare issue, as an employment issue, as a business issue, and as a learning issue – in order to develop an evolved, effective strategy that is sustainable and meets all stakeholder needs. We know that as a country we are getting older, living longer, and living with more chronic illnesses. 


Skilled Nursing Facilities cannot grow to meet the demand without hiring more Allied Health professionals. There is a severe shortage of qualified individuals to fill open positions, and no efficient mechanism for training and certifying more prospects.  A high attrition rate compounds the problem in a strict operating environment, where undertrained Allied Health professionals leave operators susceptible to steep fines for preventable errors. This labor shortage will be further driven by efforts at the state and federal level to curb Medicaid and Medicare expenditures, through reductions in reimbursements and other cost control measures. 

"Our healthcare profession is forever indebted to the service you are providing!" 

Kathy Owens, Chief Nursing Officer at Signature Healthcare