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The Cognotion Dashboard: Prototype

User Centric

Our mobile, cloud-based solutions combine technology and research in cognitive science to appeal to the user’s social and emotional capacities.  With interactive video, gamification, and 3D simulation, we create a compelling and immersive learning experience.


Our straightforward platform allows managers to track the progress of employee training in real time.  We provide actionable feedback and data-driven evidence to help your company isolate issues and increase efficiency. We scale the data so you don’t have to.


Cognotion’s innovative training solutions promote an engaged and empowered workforce.  With new functional knowledge and increased professionalism, our e-learning software will inspire measurable increases in productivity and retention of entry-level employees.

Cognotion builds native mobile

training suites for corporations.

We help companies make their entry-level workers better employees from day one.

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