The best way to improve any relationship is to expand our own capacity for compassion, forgiveness, and love.


You are here because someone you care deeply about has a problem with addiction. Whether it's alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, sexual acting out, or a combination of the above, your friend or family member’s condition is affecting you and causing you anguish, fear, anger, and heartache. You worry about them. You struggle to know what’s right or wrong in how you interact with them. You wonder about how you draw (or don’t draw) boundaries with them. Maybe you’ve read books about this subject, attended support groups, or spoken to a therapist about the situation. These are all helpful, but you yearn for something more. Whether mildly concerned or at your wit’s end, you want to find clarity and guidance about what you can do to support your loved one toward recovery, and how you can protect yourself from their difficult, possibly destructive behavior.

ILLUMINATION answers that call. Far from another set of rules and programmatic principles to absorb, ILLUMINATION is conceived to provide an experiential, personal experience. As we hear over and over again, a problem cannot be solved on same the level on which it was created. Therefore, ILLUMINATION is designed to help you embrace a healthier, more self-empowered and enlightened frame of mind (and heart).

Over an intensive period of 28 hours—Thursday 6PM-10PM, Friday 9AM-9PM, and Saturday 9AM-9PM, September 14-16, 2017—you will be guided on a journey of discovery in a cohort of like-minded people who are facing similar struggles in their relationship with a loved one.

Cognotion's team of world-class facilitators will guide you through a cutting-edge experiential learning seminar that draws from state-of-the-art personal growth and leadership coaching practices, tailored specifically to the unique—and uniquely challenging—situations, conflicts, and conundrums faced by people who love someone with addiction.


You can expect to emerge from this weekend with a new and specialized set of tools that will empower you to implement, enact, and live your true values in all areas of your life, and especially in your relationship with an addict. All you need to bring is yourself and an open mind.

It takes courage to stop doing the same Thing over and Over again.

Are you ready for new results?


About Cognotion

Cognotion is a pioneering education and technology company with the mission of enhancing human performance and creating meaningful behavior change, primarily in terms of love, forgiveness, and empathy. We do this by crafting heart-centered curricula and designing Optimal Learning Experiences—emotionally and cognitively intense training and (in the case of vocational certification programs) test prep applications that combine interactive video narratives with gamified learning modules, augmented by live simulation and social media reinforcement. It’s a formula that delivers immediate, lasting results.

ILLUMINATION applies Cognotion’s innovative approach and heart-centered learning strategies to the pervasive and increasingly acute problem of addiction in the family. The September 14-16 Las Vegas in-person seminar is the program’s inaugural event. Come be a part of ILLUMINATION’s historic first cohort, and join the revolution. We look forward to seeing you.



Jonathan Dariyanani, JD, is Cognotion’s founder and president. He is a visionary leader in the experiential learning field and an award-winning entrepreneur in educational initiatives. In 2003 he sold his first company to LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc. and continued to lead its language learning division. Another company he co-owned was sold to K12, Inc., where he served as Creative Director and was responsible for the category leading product in the K-12 market. Jonathan is a show-stopping in-person workshop facilitator, as well as the inventor and co-author of several patents in the area of on-line learning. His mission is to transform the way human beings learn, grow, and adapt in the 21st century, with a special focus on people suffering from addiction and mental health issues (or both) and those whose lives are affected by them (which is all of us). He is dedicated to improving the human condition, one individual and one learning experience at a time.


Caroline Young is Cognotion’s chief product officer and a professional life coach, leadership facilitator, and human-centered designer. She has 10+ years of experience facilitating personal growth and leadership courses. She is a seasoned executive who manages, coaches, and leads product and design development teams in the education technology field. She develops transformational learning curriculum and facilitates and coaches educational content from workplace readiness programs to leadership trainings and personal growth workshops. She is also a professional standup comedian where she addresses mental illness, addiction, and adversity and aims to spread love and laughter. Caroline’s passion is to inspire personal and social responsibility in everyone so they can make meaningful contributions at home and at work and love the life they live!


Eliza Tutellier, MA, MBA is Cognotion’s chief academic officer with 12+ years experience managing all aspects of the book development and publishing process for thought leaders in the personal growth, philosophy, and behavioral health fields. Before joining Cognotion, Eliza served as senior acquisitions editor for Central Recovery Press, where she spent five years working with addiction treatment and recovery professionals, mental health experts, therapists, and clinicians to bring their hard-won expertise and breakthrough insights to both professional and lay audiences. Eliza is an empathic healer, voracious solutions seeker, and a tireless advocate for a radically compassionate approach to the unlocking of human potential.

There is a better way to support your loved one. We hope you’ll join us!