Professional Caregivers

We need more professional caregivers and we need to ensure that the quality of training they receive is the best that can be provided. Cognotion supports caregiver staffing organizations and healthcare organizations with transformational training including 5-Star Customer Service, Dementia care and annual training. 

Our research has led us to the conclusion that most seniors are going to want to age in place or stay in their homes for as long as possible. As we look at that phenomena you realize that the home must become the center for health. 

They are the new nursing home. The home is an ecosystem that several groups touch: all of whom struggle with food insecurity. You have of course the senior, the families, and the professional caregiver. These groups are all interdependent.

What is Home Care?

Home care is a health service provided in the patient's home to promote, maintain, or restore health or lessen the effects of illness and disability. Services may include nursing care, speech, physical and occupational therapies, home health aide services and personal care services.

Home care saves patients billions of dollars every year by treating them in their own homes instead of in hospitals. An aging population, the prevalence of chronic disease, growing physician acceptance of home care, medical advancements and a movement toward cost-efficient treatment options from public and private payers have all fostered industry growth. 

Costs of Home Care

Healthcare payers, such as Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance companies, are encouraging home care due to the cost advantages. On average, the Medicaid program can provide home- and community-based care to three people for the cost of serving one person in a nursing home, according to AAPR Public Policy Institute estimates. 

According to the “Cost of Care Survey”, an annual report by Genworth, home care costs less than other options like adult day care, assisted living and skilled nursing. In fact, the national average cost of home care per hour ranges between only $10 to $36. 

By comparison, the average resident at an assisted living community pays $3,600 per month. Nursing homes can cost up to $250 per day. In the past five years, the costs for assisted living and skilled nursing have risen by 3.5%.

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